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Type A Adventures: the yoga continues

Well, I don’t hate it. Concerning any matter of voluntary physical exertion, that’s pretty much a compliment. I’m 11 days into my commitment to 30 days of yoga, and, I’m not wholly despising the time I spend contorting myself and deep breathing (hey-yo!). Somewhere around day 8 I found an actual “30 day” program on... Read more »

Type A adventures: relaxation

One of my goals for the new year was to work on taking solid care of my mind. I’m nearing the end of the one year mark of being home with the boys (I was on maternity leave save for a month at the end of the school term) and mental acuity seems a thing... Read more »

5 real mama goals for the new year

It’s a new year and the time seems right for some real mama goals. I won’t make this an official resolution post because throwing “resolution” in sort of sets me up for failure. I will then“resolve” to make changes, but won’t follow through and will find myself making the same resolutions next year. So, here... Read more »