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New and improved holidays for the tired parent

Two posts in one day?! It’s an unprecedented first and,frankly, my brain hurts a bit from the effort. BUT, it’s Blogapalooz-hour, Chicago Now’s challenge for bloggers to post about provided topic in just one hour. This hour’s challenge was to create a holiday or series of holidays that I think should exist. I couldn’t resist.... Read more »

A holiday wish for my boys

This is my second attempt at a holiday post, but the first to see the light of day. My original endeavor was an angsty anti-Black Friday number. There’s many of its kind out there, and I want to dare to be different. So while face-to-face I may be able to slam the greedy, status posturing... Read more »

Why 4th trimester bodies are beautiful

Recently a friend of mine participated in The 4th Trimester Bodies Project. The project, created by Chicago photographer Ashlee Wells Jackson, is “dedicated to embracing the beauty inherently brought to our [women’s] bodies by motherhood, childbirth and breastfeeding.” It is an absolutely stunning compilation of women of every shape and size depicted as real mothers,... Read more »

Getting over my case of "writer's fear"

Is that even a thing, writer’s fear? Sure, yes, it is now, especially because I feel like I might be getting over it. This wasn’t a case of writer’s block. I’ve had quite a few ideas of things to write, but found myself totally freaked out about writing ANYTHING. I consider myself to be a... Read more »