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The cost and gain of being a stay-at-home mom

I’ve sat on both sides of the mama fence. I’ve been both working mom, and am currently learning how to be a stay-at-home mom (I say learning, as it really has been a big ‘ol sometimes terrible adjustment for me). I can tell you which one I prefer, and I can tell you which one... Read more »

"Just a Girl" Capable of So Much More

Gwen Stefani’s assertion that she was “just a girl” hit me hard, people. It wasn’t just the pop punk nature of the song, or her shout-singing that got me hooked on the song. She got me right in the feelers. As a teen, I’d been battling with the idea that I was “just a girl.”... Read more »

The Real Mommy Wars

Believe you me, the war between mommies is real. It can be traced back hundreds of decades to a group of women living on an island off the coast of Ecuador. Okay, I’m not serious about that part, but I think I can pinpoint the onset of the war to the exact moment that a... Read more »