The Terrible 2s

Some caution is always sensible when you’re starting an exercise program, or just adding to it or pushing to the next level. So many people overdo it & end up dealing with any number of injuries. The terrible 2s are a great example! Doing 2 much, pushing 2 far or adding 2 much! The epidemic... Read more »

Is Labron better than MJ?

I know that in Chicago, it’s almost against our religion to even consider that any basketball player “before or since” is MJ’s equal- let alone his superior. BUT- watching “King James” again knock out the Bulls this post season with his incredible display of doing everything, showing up again into the NBA finals this wk... Read more »

Is News Entertainment?

Dear cable news Execs– Somehow it seems that with this 24/7 constant barrage of “breaking news”, almost always about one world crisis to another, you’ve allowed these stories to fill almost (like tv or movies), an “entertainment” function. All day, everyday, an almost surreal amount of attention ad nauseum to these crisis. What has happened... Read more »

Want To Run Faster, Jump Higher & Be Quicker With More Agility?

Start by strengthening your game from the ground up: Sounds great doesn’t it? Strengthening your feet and ankles is one of the best ways to improve all aspects of sports performance. It also will reduce chances of sprained ankles, the most common of injuries. Over the last 25 years, I’ve seen some of the world’s... Read more »

The Sports Doctor: Overuse injuries similar for different sports

Sometimes I’m amazed at the similarities of not only the problems — foot, ankles, shins, knees and back that we see in young athletes — but with the pressures that are also common. Just last week there were four 13- to 15-year-old kids with “overuse injuries” — all foot mechanics related. An ice dancer, and... Read more »

Be Careful When Starting Sports Again For Summer

Finally the nice weather is here (or is it?) and we’re all looking forward to being outdoors and active. That’s great. But remember to take it easy, especially if you have been inactive all winter. It’s common to see overuse injuries increase as outdoor activities get going. Emergency room doctors always note a spike in... Read more »

Using Ice is "Physiological Hearsay"

I recently interviewed Gary Reinl, author and renowned sports performance consultant on The Sports Doctor Radio Show on Gary is the author of, “ICED! The Illusionary Treatment Option.” He has spent nearly 40 years in the sports medicine field. His experience ranges from athletic training rooms to major university research. His research denotes the... Read more »

Shin Splints Can Be Treated And Prevented

The never-ending winter season, believe it or not, is ending, and spring sports will be upon us soon. Along with them is the prevalence of shin pain in athletes’ lower legs. AKA, shin splints Shin splints isn’t a medical term, but it’s the one everyone uses. The problem is that shin pain can be one... Read more »

The Sports Doctor: All movement starts with your feet By: Dr. Robert Weil

It starts with the feet — running, jumping, starting, stopping and balancing. Virtually all movement involves your feet and their ability to do some amazing things. Often taken for granted, the foot is a mechanical marvel designed to perform some specific functions during the so-called gait cycle. The terms pronation and supination describe normal positional... Read more »

Should kids play, one or multiple sports? — excellent question

So often young athletes are faced with the question whether to concentrate on one sport or play multiple sports. Today it’s not unusual to see kids younger than 13 who are already putting all their effort into one sport. The multiple-sport athlete is far less common today than years ago. Some of the thinking by... Read more »