Tedeschi Trucks Band: The Perfect Marriage of Rhythm & Blues

Tedeschi Trucks Band: The Perfect Marriage of Rhythm & Blues


I have been a fan of Susan Tedeschi since the first time I heard that bluesy voice demand attention in 1998.  I was on the air at one of the first radio stations to bring her talents to light.  A complete staff of music junkies running around trying to find out the correct pronunciation of her last name so that we could educate our listeners on this newly discovered gem. I remember the phones lighting up and spelling that last name to a large population so that they could go off an buy the record. She is also an excellent blues guitar player.

In 1999, I had the opportunity to meet Susan and she is just the nicest person you could ever meet.  She is amazingly shy for someone whose voice is so bold. Her album Just Won’t Burn is solid from beginning to end.  She has tried some new styles out along the way in her career so far.  She has had something for the blues purists and also trying to get some radio appeal with pop and more rhythm and blues.  It is always her voice that cannot be denied.

Derek Trucks, who seized the opportunity to marry the lovely and talented Tedeschi,  fills the shoes of Duane Allman in the Allman Brothers Band.  He also tours with Eric Clapton and is welcome on any stage in need of an incredible slide guitar player.


Tedeschi & Trucks on stage together

This album titled Revelator, which is out June 7th, brings these two together in the perfect marriage of rhythm & blues. Just having these two on a record is more talent than an MP3 has the right to hold, but they are just part of an 11 piece band.  You can get a FREE MP3 from the new album just for signing up for their newsletter on http://www.tedeschitrucksband.com/

Revelator tracklisting:
1. Come See About Me
2. Don’t Let Me Slide
3. Midnight In Harlem
4. Bound For Glory
5. Simple Things
6. Until You Remember
7. Ball And Chain
8. These Walls
9. Learn How To Love
10. Shrimp And Grits (Interlude)
11. Love Has Something Else To Say
12. Shelter

I regretfully tell you that they haven’t posted a Chicago show on their current tour.  Certainly one must be forthcoming, right?

I know music blogs are always trying to find the next “new thing” but it is so refreshing to hear real music by a room full of people that embody the love, soul, and spirit for the music.  Watch the video below and feel that real burn in your belly when you hear the joyful sound.

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