Spool Going Round Must See Show of April 2011: Peter Murphy at Reggies on 4/10


I have written about my attraction to music from an early age.  My nights spent in the back rooms of McGreevys or Medusas when I was too young to legally purchase Old Style.  The large video screens that would project the images that accompanied the Bauhaus classic “Bela Lugosi’s Dead,’  are deeply imprinted in my inner jukebox. Peter Murphy right out front similar to David Bowie yet perfect at capturing the darkness which can really appeal to a teen.  
After exhausting all of the Bauhaus records I continued my journey as Peter Murphy went solo.  In my opinion the off shoots from Bauhaus were really better recorded and delivered than Bauhaus itself. Peter Murphy had some success with “Cuts You Up” from the album Deep, which is pretty much a perfect album from start to finish.  A complete album that stays strong, a true classic.  It was also around this time that Peter Murphy came to Chicago’s Metro and he brought a young band with him as openers, called Nine Inch Nails. I would like to thank the kind person who sold me a ticket at face-value outside of this Sold Out Metro show so that I could pack into this venue for incredible performances from both bands. I can only assume there was not a Fire Inspector nearby since this show was way over sold. As I said, Peter Murphy is an Icon.  An Icon isn’t just about what they do for themselves but how they help others become great.  Peter exposed his fanbase to a new band that would go on to reach greatness all their own.  It was nice to see in the last couple years, and what was to be Nine Inch Nails last tour, that Peter and Trent Reznor joined forces on many of the dates.

Peter Murphy continues to give new life to his Icon stature with a recent cameo in the Twilight movie series.  This is a man that would come out on stage hanging upside down like a bat. His career, much like the vampire, continues on and on.  One might say he is the original captain of Team high-cheekbones Edward.  Often referred to as the Godfather of Goth, he played a huge part in creating the Gothic scene and carries that torch into Reggies on Sunday, 4/10 

Reggies is a pretty small room for such a huge talent.  Take this opportunity to see this Icon in a small venue and on the last night of his tour.  So your know the band will be tight and the setlist will be fun.  A celebration of a tour completed and a new record to be released. Live reviews have been good from the current tour. Peter recently released a 2-song single from his forthcoming album titled “Ninth,” which will be released via the very cool Nettwerk Records on June 7th.  The single “I Spit Roses” is posted below for your enjoyment but what I would call a B-side, “The Prince & Old Lady Shade” is classic Peter Murphy.  These two songs make me want to hear what else Peter Murphy has been up to lately. You can pre-order this June 7th release here.

Get tickets while you still can at Reggies See you at this Spool Going Round Must See Show for April 2011 on 4/10. 

Peter Murphy – I Spit Roses [Single EP] by nettwerkmusicgroup NIN feat. Peter Murphy- Bela Lugosi’s Dead by prettypretty Bauhaus – All We Ever Wanted Was Everything by datferdat

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