Skysaw is Driven By The Jimmy Chamberlin Beat (Free Download)

Skysaw is Driven By The Jimmy Chamberlin Beat (Free Download)

SKYSAW, featuring acclaimed drummer Jimmy Chamberlin, DC-based singer Mike Reina and guitarist Anthony Pirog, has announced the forthcoming release of their debut album, Great Civilizations, in May 2011 on Dangerbird Records.

Visit the band’s website to download “No One Can Tell” for free.

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DangerBird Records provided the following to introduce us to Skysaw:

SKYSAW formed in 2009 under the
recommendation of mutual friends, and the group members have since been
writing and recording songs through a cross-country collaboration.
Reina and Pirog were writing cohorts in the much-loved Fairfax, VA-based
group, The Jackfields, whose Pink Floyd-meets-Beach Boys psychedelia
was widely lauded. Jimmy Chamberlin is known to music fans around the world as the virtuoso behind the drum kit with such venerated acts as Smashing Pumpkins, Zwan and The Jimmy Chamberlin Complex. These three musicians
of SKYSAW have now created brilliant, tuneful and whip-smart pop music
that can loosely be described with words like “progressive” and
“symphonic,” while at the same time deserving their own category.

Chamberlin said, “My thoughts on SKYSAW after we first started
writing were that this is something very special. Having worked in many
varied situations, I can honestly say that SKYSAW is much different from
anything I have experienced in the past. The icing on the cake is to be
partnered up with Dangerbird–certainly some of the brightest minds in
the new music business paradigm. We look forward to moving into the
future with them!”

Pirog states, “We’ve never had a conversation about what kind of band
we should be, or what kind of music we should write. SKYSAW is just
what the three of us do collectively–the sum of three very distinct
musical personalities who share a common goal of creating great music.”

Reina concludes, “If I had to put it down to one sentence, I’d say

“SKYSAW is here because there are things in life that move us and just
can’t be put into words, so we make songs using everything we love and
hate about the world, and everything we wish we could change about
ourselves and each other.”

SKYSAW will soon announce dates for a spring tour, during which the
band will be bolstered with touring members Paul Wood and Boris Skalsky
of notable NYC indie rock group, Dead Heart Bloom.

No One Can Tell by Skysaw

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