More Fan Photos and Reviews from Dropkick Murphys/Naked Raygun Show

Photographed by Andrea Fashoda at Chicago’s Congress Theater

I believe one thing that makes Naked Raygun
such a hit with fans is their ability to let the fans participate.  The
microphone is in the crowd just as much as it is in front of the
singer’s mouth.  In their honor I would like to ask for your help to
review their show.  I am handing over the microphone to you the Naked
& Dropkick Murphys fan.  Please send me your review.


You are a guest writer on Spool Going Round.  Now that the
hangover has subsided.  Take a look at your photos from that Saturday
night at The Congress Theater and send them to me at Spool Going Round.

Here is another great entry and this time with photos! Thanks so much to Andrea Fashoda.  Here pictures and excitement in her review really capture the energy of that night. To read the fan review from Donnie Thompson you can click here.

Check the Gallery for wonderful pictures from Andrea and here is her review:

I say
Dropkick brought the life to the party. Before those two nights, I saw
them once back in 2008 and this blew away that gig; probably because
they were the headliners this time. I think they’re the most
fan-oriented band I’ve seen live. (Naked Raygun
was pretty fan-oriented, too. this was my first time seeing them). Al’s
going back and forth, to me, made it easier to actually see and
get…brought in? I can’t think of the word. Standing center stage the
entire time is boring. All of DKM had so much life to them. I
love it when the get the crowd involved – jumping into the crowd,
bringing fans up. They played songs from every album and didn’t forget
fan favorites that got the crowd even roudier and roaring. DKM’s sound
was just as good as on their albums. I personally didn’t hear anything
wrong with it (unlike with Off with their Heads and the Parkington
sister’s – the sound got screwy a bit there. Nonetheless, everyone was
great). It’s all about fun and I think Dropkick had the most and brought
the most.

Andrea Fashoda

Well said Andrea.  Great to hear from my fellow Chicago Concertgoers.  Thank you so much for sending in your photos and review.  If you have other photos and reviews of shows, you may email them to me at Spool Going Round.

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