Liam Gallagher brings Beady Eye to Chicago!

When asked how it felt to be on stage for the first time ever as Beady Eye, Liam Gallagher immediately said “Loved it…..can’t wait to take it around the world.”


It is with great excitement that I tell you Beady Eye is coming to Chicago. Liam Gallagher and his mates are playing Chicago’s Metro on a Saturday night, June 18th. I am enjoying the new album Different Gear, Still Speeding so much right now.  You can read my impressions of the new Beady Eye release by clicking here. The B-Sides are also incredible just like Oasis used to put out B-Sides as strong or stronger than the A-Sides, Beady Eye continues that tradition. 

This will be an ultimate Rock and Roll show.
Beady Eye

Do Get Tickets:
If you want to see the greatest front-man currently working in rock and roll music.  If you can’t wait to hear the new album Different Gear, Still Speeding plus great B-Sides and cover songs performed live.

Don’t Get Tickets:
If you are looking for them to play Oasis songs, or hope to hear a lot of trash talking about Noel.

Tickets on sale this Saturday at 10 am.

Beady Eye just finished their first show in Scotland. Here is some video to get you pumped.

Liam Gallagher cares about you, mate. You probably never even heard that from your mother.

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