Interpol Speak: Watch The Mini-Documentary Here

Interpol Speak: Watch The Mini-Documentary Here

Interpol Live at The Riv in Chicago 2/12/11

I mentioned in my recent review of the Chicago Interpol show that the boys don’t talk much.  You might get the occasional “Thank You,” but that is about all.  So when I was sent this documentary and you can see them talking a lot, it really is a pleasure.  They get to expound on their art and they truly are artists.  That term gets loosely attached to many musicians but I am not sure they are all artists. 

I used to work with a “veteran” DJ and he told me all the music I would play would be by two kinds of artists.  There are the musicians that have to get their art out. It pains them to not have this release.  They need to share their art with the world.  The others are in it to get chicks.  He was slightly crazy but strikingly wise.  It is nice to see Interpol has this outlet to get their art out and I for one am very happy to be a fan.  They also do pretty well with the ladies.

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