Have you been down to the tUnE-yArDs? "Bizness" is good!

Have you been down to the tUnE-yArDs? "Bizness" is good!


This is what Punk Rock sounds like in the year 2011 or maybe in 2111.  Don’t let that scare you, let it free you.  Can we start a new sub-genre called AfroPunktronica?  Politically charged lyrics delivered with beauty-in-angst that musically travels from humankind’s homeland (Africa) to where you have evolved to now(Chicago-Effingham-Dundee?).

tUnE-yArDs is not only fun to spell it’s a really enjoyable listen.  Their new album titled Who Kill on 4AD Records is available now.  Go to tUnE-yArDs.com to download the mp3 of “Bizness.” tune-yards by EzraCitay

tUnE-yArDs music combines a lot of sounds that I have enjoyed from the last couple years from bands that are  forward-back-thinkers like  BLK JKS, Nneka, Florence + The Machine, Vampire Weekend, and even borrowing some from back-forward-thinkers like The Slits and Kate Bush.

tUnE-yArDs is Merrill Garbus and she will be performing this new punk rock at the acoustically-rich Lincoln Hall in Chicago on 5/10.  Tickets on sale now

Check out this video for “Bizness,” you can visually see all the colors that you are hearing in the music.  Then start your own exploration into this very creative and exciting band called tUnE-yArDs.

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