Arctic Monkeys Are Always Amazing! Back with "Brick by Brick"

Arctic Monkeys Are Always Amazing! Back with "Brick by Brick"


It has been so much fun watching the evolution of Arctic Monkeys.  I was right there when the first notes of their first song rang out in 2005 and I am still here and more intrigued than ever.

The first album was so fresh and the lyrics were incredible. I used to crank Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not in my car on the way to my crappy job.  It made the day go by with the excitement that when the day was over I could once again crank it up on the way home.  Then they took the leap, over the pond that is, and toured America.  Their first show in Chicago was at Metro. I was there and I was part of a sold out crowd.  I have been to each Chicago show since. These are all good signs of a band that is delivering on their hype. Now a few albums in and many different sound changes it is still so exciting to hear these musicians and their golden product when they come out of studio hibernation.

As the freeze of winter starts to melt away and Spring prepares to be sprung here is some sunny California sounding new music from Arctic Monkeys“Brick by Brick” from the best Rock band to come out of the ’00’s.

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