Send In Your Naked Raygun/Dropkick Murphys Photos and Reviews


I took this

I believe one thing that makes Naked Raygun
such a hit with fans is their ability to let the fans participate.  The
microphone is in the crowd just as much as it is in front of the
singer’s mouth.  In their honor I would like to ask for your help to
review their show.  I am handing over the microphone to you the Naked
& Dropkick Murphys fan.  Please send me your review.

You are a guest writer on Spool Going Round.  Now that the hangover has subsided.  Take a look at your photos from that Saturday night at The Congress Theater and send them to me at Spool Going Round.

Send me your review and your photos and I will credit
you here.
Join Donnie Thompson in writing your review and sharing your thoughts on the Naked Raygun/Dropkick Murphys show.  We need photos!

First up, here is what Donnie Thompson thought of the show Saturday night.

I was at the show on Saturday and overall it was a mixed bag.  The opener, Off With Their Heads, were marred by the Congress’ notoriously bad sound.  Vocals were muddled and the levels for the drummer were way too high.  I’ve seen OWTH twice before, both in small clubs, and they were great in that atmosphere. Yet they didn’t sound good here.

Then came the act that was the reason I was there:  Naked Raygun.  This is about the 4th or 5th time I’ve seen them (the first being in ’97) and they never disappoint.  They did play a shorter set that usual and the new songs were good (“Out of Your Mind” is great…sounds like vintage Raygun).  Although they played a few of my favorites (Entrapment, Surf Combat, Rat Patrol), I was surprised they didn’t play “Knock Me Down” which seemed to be a staple of their live set through recent years.  Also, I’m not sure why Pierre wasn’t playing bass during this performance but he was missed.  The sound he gets seems like he’s playing that thing with a saw.  It’s just such a raw sound that wasn’t there with their replacement.  Overall, Raygun was the band that sounded the best of the night and didn’t let anyone down with their set.  This was also the second show of theirs I’ve seen that ended with Bill Stephens tossing his Flying-V guitar to the ground and walking off stage!

Which brings me to Dropkick Murphys.   I’ve seen DKM twice before, and like OWTH, both were in venues smaller than the Congress.  I was very disappointed in their performance.  The sound was bad, they had their own lighting set up which was blinding, Al Barr running from one end of the stage to the other.  It was like seeing a kiddie-punk on Warped Tour.  They did play some good songs, and those were usually the ones sung by Ken Casey.  I was also surprised how many meat-head frat boys were there to see DKM.  They’re clearly a new addition to the fan base.  I’m still a fan of DKM, but not sure if I’d go to see them live again.  Raygun, however, I’d go to see them live again and again.
Donnie Thompson

Thanks Donnie for the review.  His pictures didn’t turn out well, same as mine.  Did yours turn out?  Send me your photos and reviews and be a guest publisher on Spool Going Round.

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