Saving Songs From Extinction: "Faded Flowers" by Shriekback

Saving Songs From Extinction: "Faded Flowers" by Shriekback

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Spool Going
Round is looking at songs that maybe never were played on the radio
or songs that were and then stopped.   If I don’t add new life to these
songs they may become extinct.   We may never hear of them again.   So press play and tell a friend to listen as well.   I have
to use my (limited) power to save these songs.   I look forward to your
help in this very important crusade.

I posted Gang of Four’s new album yesterday and I mentioned their connection to Shriekback.  Shriekback were so much fun when they came out in the early 80’s.   Dave Allen from Gang of Four and Barry Andrews from XTC came together and made great funk and pop.   Their 1985 album Oil & Gold stands out as a nice complete work.   From Oil & Gold this is “Faded Flowers” a song we need to save from extinction.

Help save this song, won’t you? (You can download this anu version, check Oil & Gold or youtube below for the original)
Faded Flowers by anu

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