If You Want to Debate the NFL's #Takeaknee Protest, Remember This WWII Vet

The men and women who put their lives on the line to protect our freedom as Americans deserve the utmost respect due to them. To consider otherwise would be inexcusable. But should the #takeaknee protest qualify as contempt for the flag or for veterans? While I have not served in the military, it’s still personally relevant.... Read more »

An Impeachment of Faith

Caveat: it’s still premature to call for Trump’s impeachment. As tempting as it might be to connect the dots made public around the allegations of the Trump administration’s connections to Russia, the picture is still incomplete; there are still more dots to find. Hopefully, the investigation continues. And let’s be honest, regardless of anyone’s opinion... Read more »

"America First" vs. "America Only"

The list of countries at odds with the Trump administration seems to grow by the minute, more recently ranging from Mexico’s escalating tensions regarding the wall and now with Trump’s threat of sending in troops, and his contentious call with Australia over the handling of refugees. Entire countries are now lining up just to troll Trump over his... Read more »

Newborn Jesus, a Refugee, Stopped at Egyptian Border, Deported Back to Herod

I won’t go into the debate over whether Trump’s executive order for a “Muslim ban” across 7 countries is constitutional or not; that has already persisted across Twitter and Facebook. By now, many of us have already heard the points from both supporters and naysayers, how Obama and Carter issued temporary bans during their administrations, and... Read more »

Where Exactly Is This War on Christmas?

During President-elect Trump’s Wisconsin stop along his “Thank you” tour, Trump pledged, “We are going to say ‘Merry Christmas’ again,” as if uttering the phrase had somhow developed Voldemort-like qualities over the past few years. His pledge implies that Trump will take on the role of defender and champion of the phrase, an example of... Read more »

Exercising the Right to Listen

Given the allegations around Facebook’s inadvertent role in the election, spreading fake news and creating echo chambers, I will do Zuckerburg a favor and share documented evidence that someone who voted for Trump and someone who voted for Clinton could carry a civil dialogue. This exchange took place a few days after Election Day, just... Read more »

Trump’s Immigration Policies Fail Evangelical Christians

The heartwarming story of Dyan had recently gone viral among Christians. As war ravaged their homeland, Sudan, Dyan fled to a refugee camp in northern Africa along with his then pregnant wife, Alik, and their two children. Eventually, Alik and the children had the opportunity to resettle in America, but because the documentation proving their... Read more »

How Separation of Church and State Benefits Christians

Back in 2010, Sarah Palin stirred controversy during her speech at the Women of Joy conference when she called America a “Christian Nation,” and doubled down during an interview on The O’Riley Factor. Many fellow Christians would affirm the notion of America being a Christian nation, if from the rationale that a significant portion of... Read more »

Politically Homeless Christians: Stay Homeless

Exit polls indicate 81% of white Evangelical Christians voted for Trump, and made up 1 in 4 of all voters during the election. But the statistics belie the controversies leading up to the election. 51% of those votes were in opposition to Clinton’s bid. Prominent Christian leaders James Dobson and Eric Metaxas endorsed him, but... Read more »