You Can Enjoy Eating Healthy

Sometimes when I talk to people about eating healthier, I am told that healthy foods do not taste good and it is a struggle for them to eat healthy. You should not view eating healthy as a chore. You can enjoy eating healthy.

To enjoy eating healthy you may need to change your mindset. Do not feel like you are depriving yourself. You may need to try different foods from what you are accustomed to eating. Some of us grew up eating foods high in sugar and processed. If you did not eat a lot of food in its natural state, you may need to acquire a taste for it. If you can make eating healthy enjoyable you are more likely to stick with it.

If you decide you want to eat healthier, take small steps. It will be difficult if you wake up in the morning and decide you will be vegan that day. Do your research. Consider your likes and dislikes. Then you can create a plan. Do you want to incorporate more vegetables into your diet? How can you prepare them differently to make them enjoyable?  You should not add butter or salt. However, you can try olive oil or different types of spices. Try vegetables you typically do not eat. You may find a new favorite that you enjoy. You can also try new fruits. Stroll the produce aisle at your local grocery store or visit a farmer’s market to look for new items.

Everyone has favorite foods that are not necessarily healthy. You do not need to place them on the never eat list. Eat them infrequently in small portions. Also, consider ways you can make them healthier. You may be able to add fruits or vegetables. Perhaps you can substitute ghee or olive oil for butter. Use coconut oil to cook food at high temperatures.

I like cooking; however, I realize that everyone does not enjoy cooking. Check out this article from Shape Magazine that provides some quick and easy recipes. Quick and Easy Recipes for People Who Don’t Cook | Shape

We all know that eating healthy is important for living healthy. The trick is to do our best and create a system that works for us.

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