Eating Healthy on a Budget

Some people believe that eating healthy is expensive. Yes, healthy food can cost more; however, you can eat healthy on a budget. It takes planning to save money purchasing food. The following are a few tips you can incorporate.

Before you go grocery shopping create a list. This will assist in preventing impulsive purchases. Also, shopping when you are hungry can lead to unnecessary purchases. Review the store’s sales paper and list the healthy foods on sale. There are always fruits and vegetables on sale. Make sure you will be able to eat the perishable items you purchase before they spoil. Throwing food out is a waste of money. Consider purchasing frozen vegetables. There is a debate whether frozen vegetables are healthy. Most dietitians believe they are healthy. If you purchase frozen vegetables read the label and make sure there are not any added ingredients like sodium or sugar. Plan your meals for the week. Not only will this help save money it will also help save time. Most grocery chains have rewards programs where you can sign up and receive deals.

Depending on where you live you can try gardening and grow your own fruits and vegetables. There are areas that have neighborhood/community gardens. You can search the internet for a garden near your location. Some people find gardening therapeutic which is an added benefit.

There are numerous cookbooks that provide recipes for cooking on a budget. You can find a partial list in this article from The Penny Hoarder. 6 Budget Cookbooks That’ll Help You Make Healthy Meals (

I realize there are people who struggle with food insecurity and just having food is their number one priority. If you or someone you know need help, there are local food banks where you can find assistance. You can go on the Feeding America website and find a food bank near you. U.S. Hunger Relief Organization | Feeding America You can also donate on the website. Google started a “Find Food Support” feature that will provide locations for food banks, food pantries, and school lunch programs in your area.

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