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Should You Monitor Your Saturated Fat Intake?

In my last blog I wrote about healthcare professionals disagreeing on what consisted of a healthy diet. We can add the consumption of saturated fat to the list of items that do not have a consensus regarding the consumption of it. We were once told to avoid saturated fat because it causes heart disease, obesity,... Read more »

Find What Works for You

If you research healthy lifestyle choices, you will find different opinions among healthcare professionals. One person will say it is okay to eat meat and another will say not to eat meat. One person will say not to eat sugar. Another person will say you can eat 25 grams or less of sugar each day.... Read more »

Reward Yourself

We sometimes wait for other people to give us recognition and praise. We can become disappointed when we do not receive it. We should not give other people control over how we feel about ourselves. We should reward ourselves for our accomplishments and achievements. Most of us like to receive recognition and accolades; however, we... Read more »

Understanding Your Metabolism

What is metabolism? How does it impact our bodies? Why does it appear that some people can eat whatever they want and stay thin? Is it their metabolism? Does slow metabolism make it difficult to maintain a healthy weight?  Metabolism is the process of your body turning the food you eat into energy. We all... Read more »