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Do You Struggle With Food Addiction?

When you consider addictions what do you think about? Do you think of drugs, alcohol, or nicotine? Do you think of food? The medical profession is becoming more receptive to the concept that people can suffer from food addiction. What is food addiction? Food addiction is a compulsive need to eat a particular type of... Read more »

Why You Should Eat Sustainable Food

Do you have a friend or relative that is a green preacher? When I say green preacher, I do not mean a person that is new to preaching. I mean a person that pushes sustainability. They are convinced we must take steps to save the planet. Honestly, I have not made sustainability a major concern.... Read more »

Do You Eat Real Food?

If I ask you if you eat real food, you will probably say yes. Of course, you do not eat artificial food. If I ask you if you eat processed food, you may give me a different answer. Some processed food contains artificial ingredients. They can also be high in sugar, refined carbohydrates, and trans... Read more »

The Purpose of Food

Growing up I was not taught the purpose of food. As a young person my diet consisted of cereal loaded with sugar, processed meats, candy, and fast foods. The purpose of food is to provide fuel for our bodies and to keep us alive. Food provides nutrients to our bodies. When we eat healthy, food... Read more »