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Do You Have a Routine for a Healthy Lifestyle?

Most of us have routines that we created in our childhood. We were taught to brush our teeth in the morning and at night. Now we brush without thinking about it. It has become a habit. A routine is something we do on a regular basis. The Merriam-Webster definition is a regular course of procedure.... Read more »

Keep Your Brain Healthy

I was watching CNN and saw an interview with Sanjay Gupta, MD. Doctor Gupta was promoting his new book, Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age. (I have not read the book yet.) When watching the interview, I realized that I do not give brain health a lot of attention. I started researching... Read more »

Do You Have the Correct Shoes for Your Workout?

When we plan our exercise routine, we need to consider the shoes we wear for working out. Wearing the wrong shoes can lead to injury or pain and make it difficult to keep the correct form. If you are uncomfortable you will probably shorten your workout. You do not need to spend a lot of... Read more »

Affirm Your Way to the Life You Want

We typically do not give the affirmations we speak a lot of attention. Affirmations are the words we speak designed to impact our lives. Most people only think of positive affirmations; however, we can speak negative affirmations without realizing it. We can say and think negative things about ourselves that become part of our subconscious... Read more »

Create a Plan to Reach Your Goals

This is the time of the year when we create goals. Some workplaces ask their employees to create SMART goals. SMART goals should be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-based. We can use SMART goals in our personal lives to help us prepare a plan for living a healthy lifestyle. Perhaps your goal for 2021... Read more »