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Take Care of Your Feet

Most people do not give their feet a lot of attention. Our feet can be the most neglected part of our bodies. I am not talking about getting a pedicure for cosmetic purposes. We should go beyond trying to have pretty feet and take care of our feet to have them function properly. Our feet... Read more »

Your DNA Does Not Have the Final Say

How many times have you heard it runs in my family? How many times have you said it runs in my family? Yes, there are diseases that are common in families. However, we do not have to let our DNA or genetics have the only say in our wellbeing. Just because a disease is common... Read more »

Build Your Confidence

Confidence is one of the keys to success. It is difficult to achieve success without. Whether your goal is to get fit or advance your career you need to believe in your abilities and qualities. We are not born with confidence we need to learn how to build it. The good news is that we... Read more »

Control Your Food Cravings

Food cravings involve strong desires to consume certain foods. Cravings are not automatically bad. The problem is that when we have cravings it is usually for unhealthy foods. I have never had a craving for an apple. I have craved Chunky Monkey ice cream and turkey sausage pizza. Occasionally having a special treat is okay.... Read more »

Bitterness Can Hurt Your Health

You can give a lot of attention to living a healthy lifestyle. In the process you should not ignore the connection between the body and mind. You cannot achieve optimal health if you disregard your mental health. Negative emotions can have a negative impact on our mental health which can also impact our physical wellbeing.... Read more »