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Muscle Up

As we age, we start to lose muscle. How much muscle we lose is determined by how we take care of our bodies. Eating healthy and exercising can help reduce muscle loss due to aging. Strength training can reverse the loss of muscle. Muscles go beyond appearance. They play an important role in the way... Read more »

Overcoming Overeating Slipups

The healthiest of us find ourselves in situations where we overeat. A family gathering where your aunt brings your favorite macaroni and cheese. You attend a business meeting where there is a buffet filled with your favorite foods. You had a rough day, and nothing is more relaxing than a gallon of ice cream or... Read more »

Can Your Diet Help with Anxiety?

We are living in anxious and stressful times. With all the things happening around us we may not consider that food can help with anxiety. I am not talking about a big piece of cake or a bag of potato chips. I am talking about healthy foods. There are not any foods that will cure... Read more »

Eat Right

Paying attention to the food we eat is important. Eating healthy food is the foundation for good health. However, we should also pay attention to how we eat. Eating your food properly helps with digestion and reduces the risk of overeating. Most of us were taught as children not to talk with our mouths full... Read more »