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Healthy Mindset

I am part of a group on Facebook that supports each other with our fitness goals. The group has almost 43,000 members and I have not read a troll on there yet. I enjoy how supportive the women are to each other. It does not matter if the woman posting is 120 pounds or 200... Read more »

Have a Healthy Summer

Usually in the summer we can live a healthier lifestyle. COVOID-19 has made this summer different. Do not let COVOID-19 stop you from taking care of your overall health. You can take precautions to reduce your risk of contracting COVOID-19 and still live healthy. Most of us have more time available to us now than... Read more »

Beat Stress

Avoiding stress is usually on the list for living a healthy lifestyle. It is typically behind eating healthy and exercising. I feel like eating healthy and exercising is in my control. Stress comes looking for me. Most of us do not intentionally place ourselves in stressful situations. Life circumstances bring stress into our lives. Stress... Read more »

Age Gracefully

Most of us want to look younger than our actual age. Some of us look for products that will make us look younger. Some even have surgery to take away the years. No matter what age you are right now there are steps you can take to age gracefully. My goal is not to look... Read more »