Don’t Just Sit There

Most of us are in the house because of COVID-19. We may be tempted to sit in the house and binge on TV and food. However, we should not ignore physical activity. The lack of physical activity can lead to a number of ailments including high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and cardiovascular disease. Lack of physical activity can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. Do not allow the current restrictions to cause a setback in your health. I believe you should follow the suggested guidelines from healthcare professionals and scientists. Practice social distancing, frequently wash your hands, and wear a mask when you are out in the public. I will probably be the lady you see in the store wearing a mask in December.

Staying home does not mean that you have to be physically inactive. You will just need to adjust to the situation. There are different types of exercises you can incorporate without equipment or going to the gym. Walking is an excellent form of exercise. You can burn calories without placing a lot of stress on your joints. I love walking outside. Seeing birds and flowers relaxes me. If walking outside does not work for you there are walking workout videos on YouTube. If you do not like walking perhaps you can try a free class. Planet Fitness has free classes on Facebook Live. The Internet has a ton of exercise tips and routines. You will just need to research to find something you like.

Exercise is great for reducing stress. It gives you a healthy distraction from the things going on right now. You do not need to do a lot. Set a goal that works for you.

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