Don’t Get Tricked by Unhealthy Treats

Many of us want to eat healthy. We try to substitute our unhealthy treats for healthy ones. Food companies make great efforts to convince consumers that these substitutes are healthy alternatives when in truth they usually are not. The packaging makes promises that seem great when in reality the promises are empty. Occasionally, the substitute is worse than the original product.

For example, you may believe substituting veggie chips for potato chips is a good idea. However, veggie chips may be deep-fried and can contain as many calories as potato chips. Potato chips will typically have a couple more fat grams. If you really love potato chips eat a small portion once in awhile. Another option is to prepare your own veggie chips. There are numerous recipes online you can try.

If you decided to trade your candy bars for protein or granola bars use precaution.
Before you select a protein or granola bar read the label and choose carefully. Protein bars can have high sodium, artificial colors, sugar or high fructose corn syrup. None of these ingredients are healthy. Some granola bars can have 11 grams of sugar. An average candy bar usually has 12 grams of sugar.

I like yogurt-covered almonds. Yogurt is healthy and almonds are healthy, so the two together should make a healthy treat. Of course that is not the case. One serving of yogurt-covered almonds has 220 calories, 16 grams of fat, 7 of which is saturated fat. Since I like yogurt-covered almonds I continue to eat them; however, I eat them in moderation.

There are other items that sound healthy; however you should do your research before you consume them. Dried fruit can be coated with sugar. Sugar free candy with artificial sweeteners can cause health issues. Trail mix can be healthy as long as they don’t contain chocolate chips or candy pieces. I like zucchini fries; yet I know they are not as healthy as plain zucchini.

Should you only snack on celery and carrot sticks? Life should be enjoyed and a nice treat can take you to a happy place. As always moderation is the key and you should determine what works best for you. Just be aware of what you are consuming and its benefit or detriment.

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