What is Beauty?

Many of us strive to be attractive. We work to attain an appearance that general society has determined is beautiful. We want to be a certain size or have a particular eye or hair color. Our noses have to look a certain way. Our lips have to look a certain way. Our cheekbones have to look a certain way. People spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery to correct perceived flaws. Sometimes the standard of beauty will vary between cultures, but even then the standard is set high. I have no idea who created the standard of beauty. I know the cosmetic industry makes billions of dollars telling us if we purchase the $100 cream it would make us more attractive.

I thought someone was playing a joke on me the first time I heard of butt implants. Really, people placing stuff in their buttocks to make them bigger. I can remember when Botox was first introduced and I was told the “Bo” was short for botulism. (It is actually prepared from the bacterial toxin botulin.) I said that Botox would never become popular. Nobody would use a product like that to get rid of wrinkles. I underestimated the drive or passion people have to be beautiful.

I know people like to betray the media as an evil cabal perpetuating thoughts and ideas that are ruining society. I do not feel that way about the media; however, if you let the media set the standard for your appearance you will struggle to find happiness and peace. The average size for women in the United States is 14; yet in movies, TV shows, and magazines you rarely see a woman that size. If a magazine places an average size female on the cover they announce it as a monumental feat. They act as if they should receive a humanitarian award.

I do not have a problem with a person taking steps to look or feel better. I take steps to look good. I wear makeup and exercise. I love bright colors and taking the time to put together a nice outfit to wear. I actually enjoy reading a number of fashion magazines; however, I have learned to set my own standard for beauty and not let other people dictate or determine it for me. If I did I would need to get colored contact lenses, straighten my hair with a chemical relaxer, spend the mortgage money for a hair weave, get liposuction and a butt implant, and fix my nose. I am not judging you if you have done any of the above mentioned things. They are not just for me. Sometimes you just need to look in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful regardless of your size, weight, height, hair type, or eye color. Love yourself for who God created you to be. Do not let anyone or anything make you feel ugly or unattractive. Enjoy life without stressing over trying to meet a standard set for you by another human being. If you are authentic you will attract authentic people.

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