Lose the Weight

You may have clicked on this article thinking it is another of the thousands of articles about losing pounds or getting into shape. Nope, this blog is about mental weight. The mental weight that brings us down and keeps us from enjoying life. The mental weight that strains our relationships. The mental weight that hinders our success. The worry, doubt, anxiety, stress, fear, and unresolved trauma that keeps us from being our best selves. I am not opposed to exercising and eating healthy; in fact, I encourage it. However, I know some physically fit unhappy people. We just cannot concentrate on the physical and ignore the mental and spiritual.

Some of you may have been raised where if you had a physical trauma or ordeal you were taken to the doctor right away; however, if a mental distress occurred you were told to shake it off, be strong. So you learned to bury issues and hurts. They do not go away. They are still there with a mental sheet over them. The issues start to build up and accumulate. They start to affect self-esteem and how you treat people or let people treat you. Did you experience rejection as a child? Is it so important that people like you that you compromise your feelings and desires to fit in? Did you experience betrayal by a close friend? Did that betrayal take away your ability to trust people? Did you lose a loved one and now you fear abandonment?

If you feel you are carrying extra weight from the past, the good news is that you can recover. For a wound to heal you have to treat it. As with any treatment you have to determine what will work best for your recovery. Therapy, journaling, prayer, mediation, religious services, and reading are a few things that can help with your recovery. Be careful that what you use for recovery is healthy. Over indulging in food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, or sex will only compound the problem.

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