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The Chore of Reading Food Labels

I like to shop for clothes; however, I am a quick shopper. When I leave for the mall or department store I already know what I want to buy. There are certain brands or labels that I believe provide good quality so I will base my purchase on the reputation of the brand or label.... Read more »

Get Your Sleep On!

Is a good night sleep becoming obsolete like the rotary or landline telephone? I have known people who brag about functioning on three or four hours of sleep a night. Energy drinks which are usually full of stimulants are making big money because they promise energy and stamina. One of the definitions of sleep in... Read more »


When I was a child meditating was considered for hippies. (I viewed hippies in a positive light when I was a child. They seemed to have a good time.) Although, mediation has been practiced for thousands of years, only recently has it become mainstream. It has become so mainstream that you can find an app... Read more »

Summer Reading for Healing

Summer will be here shortly and you can take advantage of the great weather to read a good book. (Think beach, backyard, deck, or window for taking in sunshine and fresh air.) In the past year, I have read a number of books that discuss healing. The books are Christian (religious) or secular. There were... Read more »