Are We The New Cubs?

Are We The New Cubs?

Hey! Did you see that home run yesterday by Tim Anderson? One-handed down the line! He’s already got 14 hits too. And Yoan Moncada? He’s got a 1.052 OPS! Jose Abreu is off to a good start too! And Eloy Jimenez has started to hit after a bit of a nervous/shaky start. He’s got time. All summer in fact.

After today, the White Sox are 3-4, with some pretty ugly losses in those 4. The defense has been pretty bad, perhaps not in errors counted, though 9 in seven games is pretty bad. No, missing the cutoff man, throwing to the wrong base, not hurrying when the situation calls for it have all been on display. However, it just doesn’t seem to matter. So far anyway, these guys have been fun to watch, regardless.

When I first moved to Chicago, the Cubs were awful. Yet, Wrigley was always packed, maybe not a sell out each game, but still pretty good crowds. Sammy Sosa would run to right field, Steve Trachsel would take a year to deliver a pitch, Sammy would hit a home run, the Cubs would lose and yet everyone went home happy. It was some pretty zen stuff really. Who cares about the final result? Enjoy the moment, enjoy the sun, the suds. It’s all good.

As I watch the White Sox these days, I’m reminded of the 1990s Cubs. I’m more vested in watching the young guys develop and seeing some good at bats. Wins are great, but I know that this season is pretty much a lost cause. If the White Sox hit the high seventies in wins, that would be great, if not, oh well. I still got to see Eloy progress, Dylan Cease pitch (it’s happening folks) and Yoan Moncada blossom, sitting in the sun and eating the best ball park food in the city.

Wrigley was often called the city’s largest beer garden. I’m not sure the proletarian ethos of the beer garden fits the new digs at Wrigley these days, but it’s still a tourist attraction that Guaranteed Rate Field will never be. But there is a buzz about the Rate. I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of the Goose Island, but at least it’s out in the open and looks pretty cool too. There’s also a group out there that patronize section 108 that highlight going to the park, enjoy baseball and other things. I’m not one for highlighting drinking and such, but you be you 108ers. (Maybe I can get them to sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone” before the games.) The last few years, as I’ve written about in the past, the outfield concourse is a great place to hang out, watch the game and watch the fans. I wish they would open up some of the areas behind the seats for standing, but that’s another issue for another time.

For years, the quick comparison between Wrigley and the South Side was that Wrigley felt as if it was right in a neighborhood. With all of the changes around the ball park, that old brownstone charm keeps getting pushed further and further aside. Guaranteed Rate, US Cellular, Comiskey never had that, but with each new luxury hotel and $6 taco place nearby, the South Side feels much more authentic. It’s funny, years ago Guaranteed Rate (then US Cellular) was compared to a mall. I wonder which experience would take that moniker now?


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