Shut Your Face! 5 Things Women Should Not Say To Men

We women are the know-it-all beings placed on earth by a force with a huge sense of humor.

It is within our bones to be judgemental at times and down right annoying.

Men, of course, have more than their share of faults that often need to be dealt with by the women in their lives. Unfortunately, women choose the wrong words and it leads to negative results.

Here’s my guide to help:

5 Things Women Should Never Say To Men!

5. “You’re eating..Again?”

As sensitive as women are about their weight and appearance we should be the last people on earth to judge a man’s eating habits.

We would DIE if our mate asked us this question. Our answer would be a number of excuses:

“My sugar is low..” or “I only ate a pear this morning.”

If your guy has a weight issue, it’s easier for YOU to keep a healthy lifestyle and he will likely follow suit. Men are just as sensitive about their weight as we are.

4. “Why do you hang out with those losers?”

I feel sorry for the woman who wants to pick her man’s friends. It turns into a situation in which you are playing the role as parent and becoming less of a companion. If his best friend is a player, that doesn’t mean your man is.

Unless you are robbing the cradle, your guy is a grown man and you should hope that he is able to make the right choices. If you doubt that, then you chose the wrong dude. Don’t blame his friends for that.

3. “I Hate Your Mom.”

This is a BIG no-no.

Regardless of how you feel about your guy’s mom, he loves her and to say something negative about her could really drive a wedge between you two. Just keep the negative comments to yourself.

So what if she is overbearing? Just talk about it over drinks with your girlfriends, NOT with your man.

2. “Why Do You Like This Man-Channel Garbage?”

Do you want a man who prefers to watch Lifetime movies with you all day?

If you said, “Yes”, slap yourself (We’ll wait).

It is normal for a man to like channels that suit his personality NOT yours.

UFC fights, Football or The Military Channel, whatever it is, allow him time to watch what he wants.

Remember, this means not sitting next to him giving your commentary until his show goes off.

FYI: No one gives a shit that you think wrestling is fake.

“My Boyfriend did this better than you.”

Arguments may come and go but the sting of you comparing your guy to your ex will last a lifetime. No matter how tempting it is, NEVER go there.

If you say it, your man will likely tell you to go back to your ex. You would too if the tables were turned.

Hopefully, these tips are of some use to you. Feel free to share! Please leave your comments (good or bad) in the section below and while you’re at it, follow me on Twitter @TheRealJoyRene and at

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