"I Can't Breathe": The Personal is the Political - Part I

It’s 2014:  coverage regarding professional athletes’ political stands and behaviors, have been addressed by all facets of media. Not only have sportswriters written extensively on these various issues, but all forms of social media, political / economic news stories, and fans alike, have weighed in on our society’s “once-silent” subjects. The state of race relations,... Read more »

The National Freefall League (The NFL)

The National Freefall League (NFL), as noted by Keith Olberman 9/15/14, continues to fail our society, along with the victims/ survivors, of physical abuse, by it’s inconsistent policies and procedures towards its perpetrators. Yes, “Perpetrators” are what we call people, grown men in this instance, who hit, beat, knock out, and harm others: be it... Read more »

Charles Tillman: An NFL/ Bears Legacy

It’s a sad day for Bears fans.  Sunday night was awesome, but let’s move on. Charles “Peanut” Tillman, NFL player, has been placed on season-ending Injured Reserve (IR) due to tearing his triceps muscle, as he did last year. He was just doing his job, as he has for his 12 +  years with the... Read more »

Alcoholism, NFL Players, & Arrests

My paternal grandfather, Philip, was awakened in the middle of the night by a friend, circa early 1900’s, in Montreal.  The police were coming to arrest him for making bathtub gin.  He kissed his wife, Fannie, and their 2 sleeping toddlers, goodbye, and told his wife he would write as soon as he found a... Read more »

Doing My Bears' Shuffle: Worth a Million

Last Tuesday, my husband and I picked up our niece, Miriam, a freshman at New Trier, from SFO.  We took her all around San Francisco. She is visiting us for a month in Chico, CA, hometown of Aaron Rodgers. (Please don’t remind me. )  It’s 175 miles Northeast of San Francisco, a university town of 100,000,... Read more »

After the Blackhawks Loss: Treason from My Husband

As soon as that god-awful finish in OT last night, I turned the TV off,  ran into my bedroom, and put on the infamous Star Trek Movie “Wrath of Kahn.” My mind had to flip a switch for what June would look like, as the Enterprise was being boarded by Admiral Kirk for a simple... Read more »

Because of the Blackhawks: I Forgot My Birthday

I was a wreck for 6 days, beginning Tuesday, May 6th, after the Blackhawks lost Game 3 to the Wild. I know, it was said they’d lose one game in St. Paul, and come back to win the series in 5 games at the United Center. I think their beloved Minnesota Senator Paul Wellstone, came... Read more »

Chicago Sports: I'm Going Crazy Again

It’s that gut feeling. You all know it.  No words can describe it. While getting my PhD at Loyola University, I learned words such as “it’s neurologically encoded” in memory or “cellular structure.” Hmmmm, ‘is that what’s it’s called?’, I thought to myself? Hell – the only Cell I’m into is the one at 35th... Read more »

Chicago SportCenter Iphone Dings: Friday Night Lights Out

The Stage: I’m a nervous wreck as usual when it comes to watching Blackhawks’ playoff hockey, especially by myself. My dear husband does his thing on Friday evenings, going to our favorite Irish bar , hearing the Pub Scouts Band play their excellent Celtic music for the TGIF crowd. But of course I’m watching. Recording... Read more »

My Fear of Not Knowing: What was Happening to My Body and Mind?

My Fear of Not Knowing:  What was Happening to My Body, and Mind? August, 2001:  I went camping with friends in one of the most beautiful national forests in the U.S. :  Lassen National Forest, in Northern California September, 2001:  Six weeks later, I began having a pain in the middle of my head, literally,... Read more »