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Women With Heartaches on Mother's Day

This is blog below, I wrote 4 years ago May 2013. It’s still very timely – which I hope all of us can appreciate. “Hallmark Cards and 1800 Flowers (thank you Mike and Mike in the Morning) has greatly expanded the meaning of “Mothers’ Day,” to become the most profitable of “holidays” each year. Your... Read more »

The National Freefall League (The NFL)

The National Freefall League (NFL), as noted by Keith Olberman 9/15/14, continues to fail our society, along with the victims/ survivors, of physical abuse, by it’s inconsistent policies and procedures towards its perpetrators. Yes, “Perpetrators” are what we call people, grown men in this instance, who hit, beat, knock out, and harm others: be it... Read more »

My Fear of Not Knowing: What was Happening to My Body and Mind?

My Fear of Not Knowing:  What was Happening to My Body, and Mind? August, 2001:  I went camping with friends in one of the most beautiful national forests in the U.S. :  Lassen National Forest, in Northern California September, 2001:  Six weeks later, I began having a pain in the middle of my head, literally,... Read more »

Six Reasons Why The Bears Lost to the Eagles

Six Reasons Why the Bears Lost to the Philadelphia Eagles Tonight We can’t tackle Cutler was not able to be mobile, move outside the pocket, and underthrew the top NFL receiving corp No 2 step-drop slants, or screen plays called Hardly any touches for Forte called Special teams did nothing Our defensive line let Philly... Read more »

Lessons from my Best Teacher: Zozzy

With the school year ending, some of us may have thoughts about the teachers who imparted lasting memories and much knowledge in us, which we have carried throughout our lifetimes.  Mine encompass both sides of the aisle, being a student, then a Chicago public high-school teacher and ultimately, a university professor. So I  ask myself: who... Read more »

Women with Heart Aches on Mothers' Day

Hallmark Cards and 1800 Flowers (thank you Mike and Mike in the Morning) has greatly expanded the meaning of “Mothers’ Day,” to become the most profitable of “holidays” each year. Your best friend, father, God, country, and media outlets galore, will bestow every sin upon you, unless you 1) Call your Mom, 2) and/or send... Read more »

Derrick Rose Needs To Come Back. This Season.

Derrick Rose needs to come back.  Now. Not for us. Not for the playoffs. Not for his family. Not for the city. Not for the cheering fans.  Not for us. Derrick  needs to come back for his own peace of mind.  Because  that sudden traumatic knee injury last year  took a piece of his mind.... Read more »

In a Petri Dish: Lyme Disease, Part 3.How Chicago Sports Saved My Soul

September, 2003. I was being my usual couch potato, watching the Bears and Sox.  The White Sox were being swept all week by the Twinkies in their dome, as usual.  But it was a team with Jon Garland, Mark Buehrle, Joe Crede, Esteban Loiza, Paul Konerko, Jose Valentin, Aaron Rowand, Magglio Ordonez, Carlos Lee, and... Read more »

"Coming Clean In Session:" Lyme Disease - Part II

(Spoiler alert – this is not a blog on my passion for sports. See yesterday’s blog which segues into today’s piece) Doing therapy for over 30 years, especially with trauma survivors, is tough work, period.  Yet, somehow it just came naturally to me.  Maybe because I heard my teammates’ whispers in the locker room at... Read more »

Sports Athletes "Coming Clean:" Oh Father, Where Art Thou? Part I

While growing up on the South Side, my good friend Lynette (whose mother made the best blueberry pancakes I ever tasted), was as Catholic as they come.  I was curious about what it meant to go to confessions, the wafers, the Holy Ghost, St. Peter, and the Pearly Gates.  And Lynette was just as interested... Read more »