I'm a South Side Chicago Lady, homegrown near CVS.  Sports rule the day, along with my intense passion about our teams.  This South Side Sports Chick has strong opinions about local and national Sports Culture, and how money and power drives people to competence and incompetence. Memories of living & breathing Chicago sports, with my father, mother, uncles, and brothers, have been wired into my core.  Gotta love that.

I've spent my life as a professor, clinician, wife, mother, friend, sister, aunt, and athlete.  I've played  shortstop and 3B with 12" mitts, outside of Chicago.  Those 16" softballs were the best to grow up with, toughening our hands, spraining fingers, and forcing us to muscle those balls out of the infield from home plate.   I shy away from nothing, and let it be known that we can't ignore the influence of sports media on our lives.  Get a grip and hang on.