The Bears and the Democrats

“The Bears and the Democrats find every opportunity to F#ck Up.”

Spoken as no other:  by my younger son, Ari. We were dining together in Pasadena last Thursday evening, and he never ceases to amaze me at how little he has to say,  to make me nod my head up and down,  with a hearty laugh and smile from ear to ear.

Ari takes business trips to Southern California. I live about 500 miles northward.  So I took an easy Southwest flight to meet him via Sacramento to Burbank. We have not had a dinner alone, together, in “who knows how long”. Grad school in Berkeley, I’d say.

He’s been living in NYC for eight years, working hard and living life in the Big Apple. I’ve been “on the land”, so to speak, being a Professor, social worker, and growing a lot of our own veggies and fruits on an acre. Getting my hands dirty keeps me honest- and happy.

Ari had a beautiful wedding this last  year, so we saw each other more often, than not. And here we are:  mama &  son had  5 hours alone, with my appreciating some big-time city dinner restaurant.

Our relationship has evolved over his 37 yrs, yet a constant since birth was Chicago Sports. Always. Anywhere.  But for the first time in a few years, no texting about our teams.  No phone calls. No talk of being in Boston for Game 6 of the Blackhawks’ Stanley Cup win. Or the White Sox 2005 World Series win, game #2. Why bother? And the politics of this year, has been significantly more than, quite depressing.

But being who we are, both subjects did arise, between the tuna, stuffed mushroom plate, and a glass of wine. We went around the block a few times on John Fox and Ryan Pace, followed by the current state of the con artists, ruling our country with pure slime.

It’s a great walk back to the hotel, passing some foodie trucks with music blasting in parking lots, and lots of happier chatter on his darling wife (my new daughter-in-law), their future together, work, his friends, the rest of our family, and just the regular shit we’ve always rapped about.

And after kissing Ari bye with a big hug, and walking up to my room, I pull out that piece of paper that “I HAD to write that down on when he said it”, cause I knew I’d forget.  “The Bears and the Democrats find every opportunity to F#ck Up.”

I’m still lovin it. And so would the Dude who USED to abide at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., DC.




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