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I've Procrastinated for 4 years -of Getting Rid of Sh#t I Don't Need

I have so much sh#t in the house that I normally would have gotten rid of by now, that I’m almost paralyzed about it. This has to do with the most obvious:  Where do I start?????? Every 2 summers for the last 15 years, I ordered two huge waste and recycling bins. Then I got... Read more »

Jerry Krause: We'll Always Remember Ye

The man who put the 6 Championship Bulls teams together,  passed away today. 1986: My family was lucky enough to see these teams develop, up front. 2 seats in row 21 and 2 seats in row 22. Each seat cost $16.50. By the time 1998, the last of the Bulls’ championships, the tickets were over... Read more »