Laddy back in the Saddle, Stan the Man, Bowling like Walter and the Dude

The Great:

1.  Blackhawks got out of their slump, and beat the Caps. I love seeing Ovechkin denied, and hope to see it again this June at the United Center. Just like Stamkos was denied even one goal, by our Stanley Cup Champion Blackhawks, last year in the finals.

2.  Stan Bowman, period. He’s the man.

3.  I went bowling last night at our local lanes, a la Walter and the Dude. It was part of a 40th wedding anniversary celebration, of our close friends from Rockford. They all had a good laugh when I pulled out my purple bowling ball from 25 years ago.   My husband and kids:  we are a Lebowski family, in more ways than you can imagine. And you don’t have to think that hard – just recall how the Dude and Walter talked to each. All with love and passion.

4.  Party on, at my age. I didn’t care about my cough that wakes me up at night. I didn’t care about my achy muscles. I didn’t care about being on antibiotics, Mucinex, Advil, Sudafed, and 2 nose sprays. Ok – this shit is getting disgusting to even write about.

5.  Let’s just say I had a much needed fun fun fun time last night. Thank you Jim, Gloria, Tony, and Ron – old friends from those Champaign-Urbana days. And yeah – those WERE THE DAYS (and nights, all rolled into a 24 hr. who-the-hell- knows -what -time -it -was).

The Good:

1.  Andrew Ladd came back to the Blackhawks, had an assist today, and looked very comfy with bis old buddies on the ice. Best friends with Keith, who must be especially happy.

2.  Fleishmann seemed to fit right in, on the ice. Czech that.

3.  Frank Bruni had an excellent editorial in today’s New York Times, about the SEXISM in our Prez race right now.

4.  Robin Roberts hosting the Red Carpet before the Academy Awards. She was still one of the best ESPN announcers, before Dan Patrick and Keith Olberman did their bit every night. Her survival of cancer is an even better story. Gorgeous woman, inside and out.

The Bad:

1.  I felt like shit all day long today.  This fu**king sinus infection has really done me in for a week now. No work in the garden or orchard. No cooking any food.

2.  Waking up during the 1st intermission of the Blackhawks game.

3.  I know I partied last night, but it was worth getting out of the house. And I barely broke 100 in my first game. The bowling pins were just not dropping.

4.  Academy Awards, another all white reflection of the same old guys calling the shots.

5.  Eddie Einhorn’s death. A real baseball man in Chicago.

6.  Mark Lazerus telling us on the Kapman show, that he had never heard of Eddie. God, does my age show, or is Lazerus just a hockey junkie?

The Ugly:

1.  How does anyone describe the pre-teen behavior of Trump, Rubio, and Cruz – slamming each other with adolescent tweets and barrages, that sound like my 4th grade class, when I was a substitute teacher in a room full of kids, who wanted nothing to do with me?

2.  When will these guys start acting Presidential?  Or are they stuck in an indescribable childhood  stage of development?  Oh – it’s THAT stage you’re talking about. The one where they are asked questions by moderators, and just shout each other around,  like playground bullies?

3.  Or is it the stage of social media sites, where 140 characters really display the inner character of each of these guys?

4.  It’s just bad characters in a bad play. Nothing I’d pay for, nothing I’d sign up for, but something that will last through November.

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