Chicago Sports Keep Me Sane - and Laughing.

The Great:

1.  Golden State lost big last night. 5 losses now. I’m probably the only person in Northern California who does not want to see the Bulls 72-10 record beaten.

2.  Derek Rose actually scored 28 and 26 points in last two games.

3.  Blackhawks and USAWarriors were together on the ice  today. Pretty awesome.

4.  The sun is shining and the rain has stopped. Now the bees need to pollenate my orchard trees.

5.  My Lyme symptoms were minimal yesterday.

6.  I’m one of the 3 main organizers for our 50th Bowen High reunion for 2018. I’m so damn excited to be part of this planning for the next 2.5 years.  Community organizing can be SO much fun.

The Good:

1.  Blackhawks practicing on outdoor ice for Sunday’s game. Let’s see what the Wild’s new coach can bring to the table (or ice).

2.  Spring training has begun. Always optimism, no matter how bad a team really is.

3.  White Sox added Matt Latos and Todd Frazier.

4.  Cubs have Joe Madden, whose motto is to “Embrace the Target.”

The Bad:

1.  Per Dan Hayes, White Sox management is “cautiously optimistic.”  Are we joking?

2.  The major news stations are obsessed with covering every minute of Scalia’s funeral – and more. Guest analysts and previous friends were unearthed from the tombs of Fort Knox. Good thing I could change my XM station to the Billy Joel Channel.

3.  For the Republican stalwarts, Trump embraced a core belief of Obamacare, aka, the Affordable Care Act.  The next day, he then said he was a strong opponent of the ACA. Get ready for Rubio and Cruz to take aim.

4.  The sun is shining and the rain has stopped. BAD BAD BAD for the 4th year of a western drought. And there are no bees buzzing around.

5.  Tracy Myers and Mark Lazerus, as Blackhawk reporters, were not allowed on the field. Reporting from the upper decks. At least they can see red jersey specks.

The Ugly:

1.  The political primary season is upon us. All the men running for Prez are allowed to scream and raise their voices. But when Hillary raises her voice with a passionate response, she is booed. THIS IS CALLED SEXISM.   ALIVE AND WELL. Keep watching this.

2.  Yankees’ Aroldis Chapman, Rockies’ Jose Reyes, and Dodgers’ Yasiel Puig will be the first domestic violent cases for MLB Commissioner Manfred to rule on. Here we go again.

3.  An old friend, Fran, died this week. My friend, Peter, was in the hospital again, for cardiac procedures. And his house could have been burned down last week, due to an over-heated pot on the stove.

4.  I completely blew off a conference call, for my 50th reunion planning from Bowen High School. My bad. I forgot to set my iPhone alarm. This will NOT happen again.

4.  As is usual every night, I need to go to bed with a frozen Cold Pac on my forehead. The neurological pain from my Lyme catches up every day – and hits me hard in my brain’s neuro net. Live with it.



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