Blackhawks, Obama, Supreme Court, and My Life

The Great:

1.  Blackhawks go to the White House and honored by the Prez. For a third time. A Hat Trick for all.

2.  Blackhawks playing an outdoor game this Sunday at the U of Minnesota Gopher Stadium.

3.  I was in Chicago and DC for 3 weeks, visiting my family. I got to hold and play with my grandson.

The Good:

1.  Panarin gets a hat trick v. NY Rangers. Best line in hockey with Kane and Anisimov.

2. My youngest son, in NYC, was at the Blackhawks game, of course.

3.  I kissed and held all the babies in my huge, extended family. Couldn’t get enough time with everyone.

4.  Our heater for the house is finally being fixed today, after 4 days of using space heaters.

5.  Tina Fey plays Sarah Palin, once again, on Saturday Night Live. Go Tina!

The Bad:

1.  Hossa is out for some time. He sits on 396 goals in his career. He was getting his legs back.

2.  We came home 4 days ago, to a broken heater.  The parts to fix it were the wrong ones sent yesterday.

3.  With my Lyme disease, I have a compromised immune system. I’m now fighting a sore throat from the cold house. I’ll live. Same old story.

4.  The Bulls are a lost cause this season – again.

The Ugly:

1. NY Ranger – Keith Yandle’s late hit on Panarin deserved a penalty, was a cheap shot, and the NHL did nothing.

2.  The Republican candidates for Prez have offered no specific plans to “fix” their complaints v. Obama’s work. Their attacks on each other grow boring.

3.  Mitch McConnell and the Senate refuse to abide by the Constitution, and at least hold hearings on Obama’s nomination for the Supreme Court seat vacated by Scalia’s death. The Dude and Walter would have plenty of “fuck that shit” lines, to say, about this. I’ve already done so.



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