Blackhawks Lay an Egg As Trump and Hillary Win their Primaries

The Great:

1.  The Alumni game between the Chicago Blackhawks and Minnesota North Stars put on a show for hockey fans. Seeing Jeremy Roenick and Troy Murray on the ice was awesome.

2.  Hillary won Nevada with a majority support of Hispanics and Blacks. A New York Times analysis fully covers the disputed Hispanic exit polls by the Sanders’ campaign.

3.  Jeb Bush is one and done.

The Good:

1.  My friend, Peter, had a stent put in one of his arteries. He’s good to go. I love this man dearly.

2.  My house finally has heat again. And the bees are buzzing in my orchard.

3.  Pau Gasol introduced Kobe Bryant before Kobe’s final game in Chicago.

4.  Kobe talked about the spin move that Michael put on him, in his first game at the Stadium: finishing with a dunk, of course. Kobe laughed as he spoke about watching tape of Jordan doing this, and was prepared to stop him.

The Bad:

1.  Trump says, “People are not dying in the streets. They absolutely are not.” I guess he isn’t looking inside peoples’ apartments, in public hospitals, in homeless shelters, or mental health care institutions. Or even consider the number of people who have been gunned down just in 2015 (13,392 reported by Gun Violence)  in schools, parks, or other public spaces.

2.  Robin Ventura’s record as the White Sox manager is 277 wins to 351 losses. Hey Mr. Reinsdorf, how’s that old-time loyalty working out for you?

The Ugly:

1.  Blackhawks lose big v. Wild, 6-1.

2.  Blackhawks are 1-3 in outdoor games. Ice Skating in my park as a kid, on 87th and Jeffrey, with wind chill factors below zero, was the norm. Same for hockey guys  – there is NO excuse for such a poor showing.

3.  Andrew Ladd,  where are you?

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