Blackhawks, Kasich, Being Sick in Bed, White Sox, Flint's Worsening Water

The Great:

1.  The Blackhawks have 3 days off to get their shit together. Bowman has less than a week to sign an offensive player. Good luck with that.

2.  I got a call today, on my personal cell phone, from the White Sox office. Yeah – I’m good with one of the VP’s staff, whose a real doll, and gets me tickets for any game I want. I pay for the seats, but who cares?  This (unnamed) person wanted to know how many tickets I wanted for any games this summer. WOW – what a total high note that was. No matter how bad the White Sox are, I’d love to go. I mentioned some dates I’d be in Chicago, and was told the games would be against the Bronx Bombers.

The Good:

1.  I’m not in Syria, Afghanistan, Turkey, Saudia Arabia, Yemen, etc.

2.  I have a roof over my head, food, clothing, and enough money to send my husband out to buy all these over-the-counter sinus/ chest/ cold medicines.

3.  I have multiple computer devices to spout my bullshit on.

The Bad:

1.  Brett Lawrie, of the White Sox, says that the team has players of “World Series Caliber.”  Did MLB do any drug testing on this guy, for hallucinogens or other mind-altering substances, during the interview?

2.  Peter Brown, of Yahoo Sports, was on Kap’s show yesterday. Most guys look great with beards. But Brown?  Lose it, please. Oh yeah – Joe Buck needs to shave it off too. I like Troy Aikman, but Buck will never fill his Daddy’s shoes.

2.  My husband called me “incorrigible” this morning, because I would not rest all day in bed. Yeah, I insisted on taking care of a few things in the house. He stormed out of the room and then I set myself up in bed for the rest of the day. He’s right, ya know. I’m a Taurus – stubborn as they come.

3.   I hate being sick. I hate having a compromised immune system  (from Lyme) which let this damed chest/ sinus/ total fatigue – thing-going-around, to keep me in bed. I want to be outside in my garden and orchard, which need fertilizing, weeding, cleaning up the dead shit that has fallen under the trees, and work on our drip system.

4.  So – I just consumed a full carton of Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Crisps while watching 4 episodes of “Lie to Me” on my iPad in bed. Is this what is meant about women eating bonbons while watching soap operas?

The Ugly:

1.  And another gunman has a field day in Kalamazoo, Michigan. He ran a few of his Uber routes, in between killing 6 people. Wow – do I need to conceal a weapon when getting my next Uber ride?

2.  The Senate Republicans will not hold any hearings on Obama’s Supreme Court Nominee. I guess the Constitution means nothing to them.

3.  U.S. researchers are seriously looking into 14 reports that Zika virus was spread via sexual intercourse. Okay guys, put on your DEET too.

4.  Our oceans are rising at the fastest rate in the last 28 centuries, per scientific reports. And we still have politicians denying climate change. How about taking a few trips to the North or South Pole?  Let’s watch those ice caps melting away, as the islands in the Pacific go under water. Yeah – a few of them are part of the U.S. territories. So, they are technically our citizens. Or are they?  Not born on “U.S. soil”? Oh – then let them drown.

5.  Flint Michigan’s water has now been proven to carry Legionnaire’s disease. Nice work, Governor Rick Snyder. Save a few bucks, but who cares how many people die or are contaminated with bacteria that can kill?

5.  And another Republican Governor, and Presidential Candidate, John Kasich, is signing a bill to de-fund Planned Parenthood of money needed for HIV testing, breast and cervical cancer screenings, family health care, and prevention of violence against women. Nice job, Kasich. How about talking with the children of these women, if you can’t face them directly?  I guess he’d prefer to let them suffer. Maybe you should keep them tied to their kitchens.

6. My good friend, Lea, is a nurse practitioner for our local Planned Parenthood. She works her ass off, with families who require basic medical care, which includes men.

7.  Maybe Kasich should hang out for 10 minutes in our Planned Parenthood office lobby. Watch the families coming in. I’ll make my basic batch of brownies and serve him some, so he doesn’t go hungry. Trust me, he’ll enjoy them immensely.



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