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NFL Recruits Being Asked Questions About Their Sexuality: 2013?

Really?  Still? Yes, my friends.  Bigotry is alive and well in National Football League locker rooms, period.  General Managers and NFL team owners are currently violating the NFL Collective Bargaining Agreement, various state hiring mandates,  and hopefully future federal laws,  in asking questions of our rookie class, of their sexual orientation. This line of questioning... Read more »

Marian Hossa: Taking a Hit for Whom?

The Blackhawks’ Marian Hossa took a blind-sided, illegal hit to the back of his head the other night, by the Vancouver Canuck’s Jannik Hansen. Hossa lay on the ice for approximately 2 minutes, and eventually walked off into the locker room. He never returned for the remainder of the game. This was at the beginning... Read more »

What Did Michael Jordan Say to Charles Barkley: 6/20/93?

Michael Jordan is getting all the headlines these last two weeks, leading up to the NBA All-Star weekend, with his memorable 50 point slam-dunk from the free throw line while hanging forever in the air, and his turning 50 years old.  Charles Barkley, an outstanding basketball Hall of Fame player,  is also celebrating his  50th... Read more »

Joakim Noah, Patrick Kane, Nellie Fox: What they all have in Common

Flying around the bases can be as graceful as cutting into the paint, and taking a pass from a teammate:  harmony in motion.  Don’t ever forget Michael Jordan to Scottie Pippen or vice versa against the Lakers in 1991.  Running up and down the floor still keeps me mesmerized while watching my old VCR tapes... Read more »

And Here I Thought I’d be Bored Before the Super Bowl

Sports-wise, I’m disinterested for the 2 weeks leading up to the Super Bowl,  with only the usual tedious and repetitive sports media news.  Essentially:  boring.  At least I had the Presidential Inauguration and political hoopla to keep me on the couch, along with the surprising Bulls and return of our fast and furious Blackhawks on... Read more »