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Going to the Bears vs. 49ers: Drawing a Line in the Sand

“You’re not going to wear your Bears’ jerseys, are you?  Don’t do it. I’m serious.” John was rather emphatic , after I told him and his wife, Cris, (Ms. Fantasy Football Queen, who wins her Leagues every year), that I was going to the Bears v. 49er game November 19, Monday night, with my younger... Read more »

Lucky Numbers for Bears v. Texans Today

35 years ago today, my eldest son, Rafael, was born. That was on 11-11-77.  He weighed 7 lbs, 11 ozs. He was born exactly at 17:00 hrs. He was the only birth in Chico, CA. and made the local news. So today, he is overseas and working during the Bears game. “Unbelievable!” Rafi exclaims, given... Read more »

"You Play to Win the Game!"

Phone ringing, Friday morning, Nov. 1, 2012,  2:00 am. Hizzoner:  (yawning, bleary-eyed, thinking to himself, “Oh God, the red phone. What the hell does Axelrod want now? And, why do we have these land lines anymore?”) “David, can’t this wait till the morning?” Axelrod:  That’s the problem with you Rahm, you’ve gotten too cushy being... Read more »