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Homophobia, 2012: Alive and Well in the Sports World

Last week, Yunel Escobar, SS for the Toronto Blue Jays, was suspended for 3 games. He wore a blantantly homophobic slur written into the black stripes under his eyes in Spanish, “Tu ere maricon.”  Translated, this means “you are a faggot.” His press conference, defending his action, was more than ridiculous, trying to convince us... Read more »

Kevin Youkilis and Jewish Tradition

Before going to temple last night, for Rosh Hashanah, our Jewish New Year of 5773, I was checking the Sox schedule for the remaining 2 weeks.  I wrote every game on my kitchen calendar, and noticed that the Tuesday, September 25th game was at 1:00 pm.  Curious, I thought – a Tuesday afternoon game. I... Read more »