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3:00 am with Theo and Hizzoner

Theo:  (dialing frantically)   “Rahm, Rahm, is that you?” Hizzoner Da Mayor: “Who the…’s 3 am! (whispering) Theo?  Haven’t I told you…wait a second…..”  (turning to his wife, yawning,   “Honey, I gotta take this, it’s ‘you know who’ again.)” Theo:  “Rahm, cut it out, I’m dying here. I haven’t been able to sleep in over a... Read more »

Got Dem' Chicago Blues

My friend Tina is always reminding me that I’m not in a war-torn country, or being jailed for my political beliefs, or living in a 3rd world country where food is no where to be found, and the water is contaminated with typhoid or malaria. She’s right.  I’m luckier than 99.9% of the rest of... Read more »