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Buehrle with the Cubs is Like Living in Aaron Rodgers' Home Town

It’s rotten.  Plain and simple.  I couldn’t even watch Sports Nite. I couldn’t listen to Gail Fischer reporting on “another great performance by the 3-time Gold Glover.”  I’d have to ask my doctor for some sleeping pills, otherwise I couldn’t fall asleep,  ruminating on my hero becoming “one of them.” I couldn’t bear to listen... Read more »

There's More at the Door: Penn State Scandal Part III

Jerry Sandusky, who lives next to an elementary school, has denied all sexual molestation and sodomy charges against him.  During a phone interview, he reported to Bob Costas that he was just a jock who liked to “horse around with kids” in the locker room. Penn State will be spending millions of dollars in time,... Read more »

The Silence of Collusion is Deafening: Penn State Scandal, Part II

When I was working on my research for my PhD. at Loyola University of Chicago, I studied families who were court-ordered for molestation and abuse of their children.  They received therapy for a minimum of one year, in a suburban agency, specializing in this issue. Several of the teenagers, who were molested by their fathers... Read more »

My Take on the Cake Unbaked: Penn State Scandal, Part I

As a sports fan and love of the game, I follow all facets of how sports, our culture, politics, economics, media, & psychology, are inter-connected. As a professor, clinical social worker, and therapist, my major field of study and practice has been in the area of trauma:  combat-related PTSD,  sexual harassment, bullying, child sexual assault,... Read more »

McCaskey & Angelo v. Matt Forte: Organizational Behavior Gone Wrong

Many of you know me as the passionate, funny, sarcastic, humorous South Sider – a little girl who grew up sitting shot-gun in my father’s cab because my mother couldn’t handle my energy.  And you also know me as the intense Chicago sports fan,  who has more fun doing these blogs, than the professor writing... Read more »

David Haugh Knows His Business, and I Know Mine: Organizational Behavior

Last Friday night, Oct. 29, saw my oldest son and I at a sports bar in Du Pont Circle, Washington, DC. I had to visit Rafael, since he’d been working overseas for the previous 4 months.  And as motherhood goes, I was missing him badly. At the bar, they were showing game 7 of the... Read more »