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Kyle Lohse: Our Small Town Sports Hero

A New York Times sports article (10-19-11) reported that Tony La Russa, manager of the St. Louis Cardinals, firmly believes that every player on his squad deserves an appearance in the World Series, even if it is for just one at bat, one pitch, or fielding one ground ball or fly ball. La Russa’s sentimental... Read more »

Occupy Halas Hall - We are the 99%: Chicago Style

When I was picketing in the bitter cold of the winter of 1973, I was a member of the AFL-CIO #1:  Chicago Teachers’ Union.  I took the Howard El from Rogers Park to downtown, and transferred to another El, which took me to Simpson School on the near West side. All we wanted: pencils, pens,... Read more »

Yom Kippur Atonement for Chicago Bears' Management

Days of Atonement for Chicago Bears’ Management I spent a day this last weekend atoning for my transgressions this last year of 5771. 1)   I gave out too many B’s to my graduate students. 2)   I called Terminex to set traps for all the gophers in my organic garden, after re-planting my pepper and tomato... Read more »