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Ozzie: In the Land of Oz

When my sister and I watched Dorothy meeting the Wizard of Oz for the first time, we were scared.  The great and powerful Oz was angry.  His face crinkled with disgust, smoke blowing from his nostrils and ears.  He was demanding, intimidating, and could not be reasoned with. Fast forward about 55 years to another... Read more »

God's Blessings on the Bulls: Circa 2011 and 5771

And so it came to pass on this Monday night, April 18, 2011, the God of the Hebrews looked down upon his children in the land of Chicago.  He had taken pity for their tragic loss of another chance to the Super Bowl barely 4 months ago, at the hand of their most despised rival,... Read more »

My Best Memory of Dennis Rodman: The Chicago Take Down 1996

Tonight’s April 1 glorious Chicago Sports day ended with the Bulls postgame show, highlighting a win v. the Detroit Pistons. Mark Schanowski and Kendall Gil asked us fans to text, from our cell phones, our best memory of Dennis Rodman, from the 4 choices below. Rodman was honored tonight for his career with the Pistons,... Read more »