Rose's MVP "Character" reflects M.L.King's Legacy

NBA sports writers and analysts are finally waking up to Derrick Rose being the obvious MVP this year. Their slumber has been clouded by the star-studded previous honors bestowed to LeBron, Kobe, Garnett, or any other player whose ego is only higher than his fancy dunks or how hard he can pound his chest.

While listening to my XM radio of “The Herd” yesterday, Colin Cowherd quoted statistics, which on paper, had LeBron beating Derrick in points, rebounds, and other measures, “worthy” of being the MVP for a 3rd time.

Right. And if I were voting, would I look only at the “numbers” game, or would I factor in Mr. South Beach’s continued immaturity and narcissism, as evidenced by his behavior at Gund Arena (newly named “Quicken Loans” Arena), where his Heat were playing the Cavaliers Wednesday night?

If your head has been in the sand lately, I’ll review the facts: When Mr. South Beach’s name was announced on the floor of Gund Arena, where he played for 7 years in front of his hometown fans, his teammates were lined up in 2 rows, ready to receive their star forward. Instead, LeBron never showed up.

His excuse? He had to use the bathroom at the moment of team introductions. Too bad they don’t make diapers big enough to enable LeBaby to show up on time.

Now do a 180 degree turn to Derrick Rose, and his rightful place in NBA history, as this year’s MVP. Thankfully Cowherd’s statistics alone are not the final, deciding factor for the award, since computers still don’t have a vote. In the somewhat “mindful” area of the sportswriters casting their votes, “the content of a man’s character” comes into play.

And this is where Rose towers leaps and bounds, over Mr. South Beach. With Derrick’s maturity, dignity, grace, humility, work ethic, and a sense of “we-ness,” as in being a team player, we have come to see exactly what an MVP characterizes – instead of the “me-ness” as in “it’s all about my story,” which characterizes LeBaby’s toddler, stuck in his “terrible two’s tantrum” developmental stage.

Coincidentally, talk of the NBA- MVP award is corresponding with April 4, the anniversary of Martin Luther King’s assassination. King dreamed that one day we would judge people by the content of their character.

While I doubt King was referring to sports awards, he most certainly hoped that the manner in which a person would “present” his “inner core” to others, would be a main ingredient of how he is judged by others. Dream no more, Reverend King, at least for our hometown Derrick Rose. He does us all proud – his mother, brothers, teammates, the Bulls, & to all us Chicago sports fans.

No need for the Bulls to visit South Beach again this year. No need for the MVP and his teammates to deal with the cries and tantrums of over-grown two-year olds, either on the basketball floor or in the locker room. If necessary, then maybe Colin should be there to wipe it all up.


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