Anger Management 101: Silva and Ramirez

The finest headlines in baseball’s first week of spring training’s games sound as if they are coming from the Onion Newspaper. As usual, the Chicago Cubs once again bring us our most refreshing water cooler laughs. I thank Paul Sullivan, sportswriter from the Chicago Tribune, who so gracefully described this beloved team, which once again, is going no where fast.
“Starter upset with 3 errors, and 2 long homers, that led to 6 runs in 1st.” 3/1/11

Players and coaches had to separate Silva and Ramirez in the dugout after yesterday’s “misunderstanding.” Sullivan reported that the “brouhaha” began after the first inning, in which the pitcher gave up two long home runs and his defensive players committed 3 errors. This greatly upset Silva, which inspired his “impromptu comment in the dugout” about his teammates’ “defensive lapses”.

Ramirez then took these comments personally, and replied to Silva which then motivated the two players to take care of business between themselves.

I wish I were there – would have loved to see it in person. Two guys having a great day in the sun, playing baseball and being paid millions to do it.

Funny, but my mind did an instant rewind to last summer, June 2010, at U.S. Cellular Field, in a game between the White Sox and the Cubs. It was the usual Crosstown atmosphere, on a sunny afternoon. The Sox put up big numbers against Zambrano, thanks to a few seeing-eye ground balls, an error, and a 3 run homer, all in the first inning.

When Zambrano hit the dugout, he threw a huge hissy fit, & all hell broke lose. This particular scene, showed Big Z stomping in the dugout, screaming at Derek Lee, and throwing everything in sight, with Lou Pinella trying to calm him down. This “brouhaha” must have been played at least a few hundred times on every Sports network in the U.S., Venezuela, and most likely various South America Sports networks.

The Ricketts family took control and put Zambrano on leave for anger management training. After returning for the remainder of the season, Big Z went 7 – 0. He now claims he’s completely cured. Hey – time to spread the wealth buddy – if your teammates want to cross the finish line to April 1.

Or maybe the Cubs are here to entertain us for the entire season. Stay tuned.
“Despite 14 errors in 4 games, manager ‘thrilled’ with spring.” 3/2/11
Wow! I’m so impressed that Quade is thrilled with his Cubbies playing as they are. As Sullivan continues to quote the Cubbies’ manager, “No time like the present. The good news is we have 27 days to get some stuff straightened out.”
Right. This is what my $10 beer is paying for. This is the mindset of a professional baseball team: taking out their irritation on each other in the dugout, and then channeling it on the field with less than a month before the games begin to count.
My sons did better, with their Skokie Little League jerseys on, playing with snow on the ground, than do these million dollar- paid clowns on the dry desert Arizona floor.
How much are we paying these guys? Just because they haven’t played in 4 ½ months doesn’t justify acting like 10 year olds.

Or maybe the Cubs are here to entertain us for the entire season once again. It took a pathetic Cubs team, once again, for this South Side Sports Chick to come out of hibernation from her winter droll. Leave it to A.J. to make her really laugh, speeding through Glendale to get to work, just as she does every day.


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