True Grit: Chicago Style

January 3, 2011


I was pissed that the Bears lost to Green Bay, along with millions of other fans
like me. We’re just hopelessly passionate about our football team, and while I
recognize this game did not “really mean anything,” in terms of playoff
standings, it will take at least a few weeks to get over any loss to the
Packers, period.


So I put the Chicago Post Game Live on TIVO, and went out to
look at some small sheds at OSH
with my husband – for all the junk that has been spilling out of the garage the
last 5 years.  In the end, I decided this
entire endeavor would take too much time & money right now, and moved it
much lower on the totem pole.


I came home, watched Jiggetts and Co. dissect the game, and
heard them “reason” that the game provided an opportunity to try some
“different things.”  Okay, am I supposed
to feel better from this? 


Like I said, it will take a few weeks to get over any loss
to the Packers.  What was most confusing
by Martz and Lovie, AGAIN, was that we did not try to rush the ball into the
end zone from 4 yards out. Send Forte. 
It was time to take it in, on our most bitter rivals.  WTF?


After finding out that the Blackhawks lost for a 3rd
straight game, with more shots on goal than the lemons left on my fruit trees,
it was time to move in to my bathroom, and clean out the cabinets.  First time in about, probably, 5 to 6 years.
Wow – what a find!  Treasures that
actually meant nothing anymore, expired medicines, and dust piled high and


This is what I need to do, to deal with a bad day in Chicago
Sports.  I can’t let the depression set
in too hard………


My husband knows this about me, and heads off to the living
room to read a good book.


Wow – I’m still thinking about Tillman’s interception, and
his run back to the 15 yard line.  Nice
work Peanut!! I love it.  Hey Charles,
give yourself some credit on your post game interview.  It was Chicago
defense at the best.  My father, Zozzy,
was smiling from his grave on that one. 


Then I turned on the TV for the Seahawk- Rams Sunday night
football game, and watched Pete Carroll smiling, clapping, and flashing a smile
that totally disgusted me.  This guy was
in as thick as a brick with the scandals at USC.  He was the man in charge –  fully responsible for the improprieties, which
lost Reggie Bush his Heisman.  Carroll
flies away as free as a bird to the Northwest, and just keeps grinning. 


Where are the NFL and BCS on this one?  They don’t see a problem, so why should we?  NO ethical or legal violations, huh?  At least the New Orleans Saints will take
that silly grin off his face next week. 


White Sox:  hey, it’s
spring training in 8 weeks!  Buehrle and
AJ will come to Glendale
in 7 weeks – can’t wait, especially with Paulie coming back too.


Da Bulls!  Da
Bulls!  A friend of mine, pure Lakers
fan, said “I’m worried about the Bulls – I can’t believe it.”  So, that was good to hear – someone else
keeping track of Rose and Boozer, other than this hometown honey.


Okay – time to hang it up and see what tomorrow brings.  I’ll put on Game 5 of the 2005 World Series,
watch Jermaine Dye hit a shot over 2nd base, and Willie Harris fly
in from 3rd  base, to score the only run in 9 innings.  Game. Set. Match.  YES!  Best
way to calm me down tonight.   Now THAT was
a great Parade on State Street., not just in October 2005, but also in June,


Did God write in one for Adar 5771?  Time for some true grit, Chicago Style, for
the weeks to come.

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  • While I have to commend Lovie (for once) for actually taking this game seriously- the outcome stressed me out. I don't blame you for having to play some oldies but goodies to get you through the day!At least we will see the post-season this year.

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